Common Complaints About the Boss and What to do About Them

Common Complaints About the Boss

In Working with a Bad Boss by Jason Cortel

Just like there will always be change, employees will always complain about their boss. Your employees won’t always tell you their complaints so I will.

The good news is that these complaints aren’t surprises. The better news is that these complaints can be corrected.

The list of boss complaints in random order – My boss:
  1. Doesn’t trust me
  2. Doesn’t listen
  3. Knows it all
  4. Doesn’t like their ideas to be challenged
  5. Doesn’t hold others accountable
  6. Gives me 20 percent more work without taking 20 percent away
  7. Is unapproachable
  8. Doesn’t provide feedback on performance
  9. Gossips about peers both mine and theirs
  10. Doesn’t stand up for the team

Bonus boss complaint: They stay in their office with the door closed the entire time they are in the office yet claim to know what is going on outside.

To address some of these complaints you need to first get them out on the out on the table. Others require you to take a really hard look at yourself and your behavior.

If you are the boss:

It isn’t easy for employees to bring their complaints about you to you, in order for that to happen they have to feel that you will a) trust them, b) remain objective and c) not retaliate.

As you prepare for your next day at work think about how you can re-establish a two-way street in your leadership. Employees are your greatest asset and need to be treated with the consideration and respect they deserve.

If you are the employee:

Stop being the victim of your boss’s incompetence and disengagement. You have to talk to them about these issues if you want them fixed and if you choose not to talk them you need to choose to resign. You have a responsibility in the relationship and need to live up to it. Don’t allow your rank within the company to be the cause of your passiveness.

I have given you some of the common employee complaints about bosses, now what are you going to do about it?

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Jason Cortel

Jason Cortel

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Jason CortelCommon Complaints About the Boss