Pull your future forward by stepping outside of the comfort zone.

Death by Comfort Zone

In Tips and Tricks by Jason Cortel

Satisfaction with the status quo or choosing survival over growth won’t help you move toward the future with any success. The best organizations and the best leaders pull the future forward by getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Our comfort zone is a place we operate where we don’t have to do much thinking. We are able to carry out our tasks with assembly line precision. Our comfort zone is a safe place to be because we are so comfortable that we no longer fear making mistakes.

Continuously operating inside our comfort zone is bad because: In our comfort zone we are merely surviving. We operate just above the fold, just getting by, just barely keeping our position, just living. The magic in life happens outside of the comfort zone. Every day we are faced with decisions that can move us into the unknown or keep us sinking further into the grips of the “just” quicksand.

Make the decision today to pull your future forward. Learn to stop craving the flavor of the status quo as if it were German chocolate cake. See that survival without growth is not survival at all; it is a slow and painful death. Stay fresh, dynamic and continue growing by remaining focused on leading change and innovation. Make the decision today to have a magical life by operating outside of your comfort zone.


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Jason Cortel

Jason Cortel

Call Center Manager
An accomplished sales and marketing operations executive in demand generation, client services and technical support industries. Jason has proven leadership, strategic planning, and problem solving skills. He is recognized for having the ability to develop client-focused organizational cultures resulting in significantly higher customer satisfaction and retention.
Jason CortelDeath by Comfort Zone