Why you Need Employee Brand Advocacy.

Employee Brand Advocacy Program – But Why?

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There are many reasons to implement an employee advocacy program. Taking advantage of the army that is your employee population is becoming a hot trend and for good reason. Enabling your employees to help spread your message, products and services is better received than when the brand speaks.  Here are some key benefits of implementing an employee advocacy program.

Unity in Messaging

Anytime that any content is shared it should align with your brands voice, tone and identity. When the employee brand advocates represent your brand online they need to echo those traits and also maintain consistent messaging across all social networks. To create a memorable brand presence and personality online, consistency is key.

Having a strong training program to educate your employee brand advocates will help ensure that the implementation of a unified message is easily obtained. Your employees will become so use to acting as a voice for the company that they will naturally echo the brand’s personality, values and messages.

Flexible and Agile

While you want to have a level of consistency you don’t want to come across as rigid. There needs to be an element of surprise and fun that will allow you to adapt to the changing needs of your customers. After all you can’t plan for everything a customer will say when they engage with you.

Companies and brands are always in flux and always changing. You want to provide your employees with brand-safe content but also the freedom within boxes to add their own input. Developing a social media policy provides the box and the freedom for them to generate content in.

Spontaneous and Exciting

The best social media campaigns generate interaction with customers or prospects. One really good way to do that is something fun, usual and unexpected. Examples of this would include a behind the scenes look at your office with pictures, including pictures of your employees having fun. Sharing fun and engaging posts on social media it will help you have a successful campaign.

Social Selling Opportunities

Nurturing relationships with current customers and spreading the love of your brand are excellent uses of social media. Seeing an ROI is the ganache on the cake. An employee advocacy program will help to establish and build relationships with potential customers. The more engaging and fun the content is that your brand is sharing the more approachable and attractive your brand becomes in the eyes of the market.

The reality of sales is that it is everyone’s job. Enabling your employees to do selling for you through social media channels and their vast network is a smart and humanizing tactic to use as a sales and marketing tool. The personal touch and flare they will add to your brand’s messaging encourages customers and prospects to feel more comfortable engaging with your company.

While there are many more benefits that can come from an Employee Advocacy Program, these are the areas that can have the highest impact in the shortest amount of time. If you have any other advantages for a program like this please share them in the comments section.

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Jason CortelEmployee Brand Advocacy Program – But Why?