New managers must transition quickly.

First Time Managers Must Transition Quickly

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In order to move forward and start doing your new job as a first time manager you have to stop doing your old job. Typically you will want to delegate any open items as your best means to accomplish this. You will also have to let go of the idea that you were indispensable on the old teams that you played a role in.

You shouldn’t spend more than three days delegating your old job. People will get excited and often step up to assume pieces of your old job this will also provide some instant support as you make your transition. Take some time to explain what and how as well as who they should go to if they have any questions. It might be a good idea to follow-up periodically to see what outstanding contributions their involvement may have made.

As you read this I’m sure you are thinking that up to 3 days simply isn’t enough time and that your open projects are very complicated. Think about it this way, if you have been let go or decided to leave it would have happened in that time-frame or less anyway.

Once you have delegated it is important to stop caring. I know that sounds harsh but now is the time to focus on your new responsibilities and proving yourself in your new role. Remember, now that you have been promoted you have 90 days to dive in and create some wins. You can’t do that if you are fretting over the responsibilities of yesterday.

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Jason Cortel

Jason Cortel

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Jason CortelFirst Time Managers Must Transition Quickly