Goal setting mistakes leaders make.

Goal Setting Mistakes Leaders Make

In Leadership by Jason Cortel

A very important behavior that leaders need to identify is if they set the bar too high or too low when establishing goals. Most of the time leaders are unaware of which path they take when setting goals for themselves or their team. Setting goals too high risks causing disappointment and exhaustion for them or their team. Setting goals too low for your talents and you never reach that breakthrough moment.

Take a look at some recent goals that you have established to determine if you set them too high or too low. Do you see a trend in one direction or the other? Or do you see a balance? You could also solicit feedback from your peers or direct reports.

One you identify your standard tendency you can set out to make the necessary changes for the next time you establish goals. Little by little you can start to raise or lower the bar to find your sweet spot. When you find yourself consistently hitting or near hitting the goals you can start edging them higher.

As we enter 2014 planning, keep this tip in mind when building out the goals for yourself and your team. This will especially come in handy during the compensation and bonus planning sessions but there will be a whole article dedicated to that topic coming shortly.

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Jason Cortel

Jason Cortel

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Jason CortelGoal Setting Mistakes Leaders Make