Talk about the Next

Jason’s Quick Tip – Talk About the Next

In Tips and Tricks by Jason Cortel

We are all too familiar with the daily grind. Your employees are usually stuck in the moment focusing on the current day and the metrics they are pursing. Seldom will your employees think about the bigger picture or what I label as “the next”.

Throughout your weekly one-on-one’s (you are having those right?), regularly weave in discussion points that focus on where the team and company are headed next. Make sure you effectively connect their role in helping to achieve those visions.

When you help your employees to see the bigger picture and the role they play in painting it, you inspire them to keep grinding through. Doing this well and often will lead to a happier and more engaged workforce.

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Jason Cortel

Jason Cortel

Call Center Manager
An accomplished sales and marketing operations executive in demand generation, client services and technical support industries. Jason has proven leadership, strategic planning, and problem solving skills. He is recognized for having the ability to develop client-focused organizational cultures resulting in significantly higher customer satisfaction and retention.
Jason CortelJason’s Quick Tip – Talk About the Next