Is it really you? Own the blame.

Is it Really You and Not Them?

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Why is it easier to put the blame on others than it is to be reflective and acknowledge your role in a less than desirable outcome?

Ego, pride, arrogance, confidence or any other adjective you want to use to describe your so called “strong” personality determines your likelihood to examine how your thoughts, behaviors and actions may have contributed to the outcome of a situation.

If you find yourself thinking these things regularly it’s time to stop looking outward for blame:
  • Why does this keep happening to me?
  • Why can’t I get a lucky break?
  • It’s because I am not one of the favorites.
  • No one likes me.
  • They get everything and I get nothing.
  • If they gave me better tools, better coaching, better training I’d be more successful

When you feel you always get the short end of the stick it is time to look inward and evaluate the role you played, how you conduct yourself and what actions you took or didn’t take leading up the point you thought those things.

To determine if the problem is really you and not them:

Be honest – if you can’t be honest with yourself you will never be able to examine the “you” that creates the chaos you constantly find yourself in.

Take time to reflect – sit back and look at the day’s interactions. Were you open minded? Were you collaborative? Did you ask questions or ask for help? Did you have a positive or negative attitude? Did you allow your insecurities to dictate your response?

Be more introspective – examine your own conscious thoughts and feelings about the people, topic and events that led you to the situation.

Stop taking the easy way out. Stop blaming others for what brought you to this point. The only way to get unstuck is to be honest with yourself, taking time to reflect and becoming more introspective. Once you own your role in the world you create success will come more easily.

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Jason Cortel

Jason Cortel

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An accomplished sales and marketing operations executive in demand generation, client services and technical support industries. Jason has proven leadership, strategic planning, and problem solving skills. He is recognized for having the ability to develop client-focused organizational cultures resulting in significantly higher customer satisfaction and retention.
Jason CortelIs it Really You and Not Them?