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Sales Leadership 101 – Stop Closing

In Sales Leadership by Jason Cortel

One of the most frequent mistakes I’ve seen Sales Leaders make is that they continue to focus too much of their time on closing. I’m sure you have heard “get out of the weeds”. Learning to think at a higher level is one of the biggest challenges for anyone transitioning into a leadership role whether in sales or any other business unit. In addition to that you are a super closer and that is probably what landed you the sales leadership position. Resist the temptation and be aware of it.

You should also keep in mind that the closer to the end of the sales cycle you approach, the harder it is for a sales leader to make a profound impact on the outcome. Instead focus your energy and effort on the front end of the next deal.

Now that you are the Sales Leader you should start spending more of your time focusing on expanding opportunities, helping clients to see additional needs, and offering solutions that had not previously been considered.  Focusing on these functions rather than closing will help your sales organization meet its goals, which you are now directly and solely responsible for.

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Jason Cortel

Jason Cortel

Call Center Manager
An accomplished sales and marketing operations executive in demand generation, client services and technical support industries. Jason has proven leadership, strategic planning, and problem solving skills. He is recognized for having the ability to develop client-focused organizational cultures resulting in significantly higher customer satisfaction and retention.
Jason CortelSales Leadership 101 – Stop Closing