Start Here: Imagine Being the Boss You Wish You Had

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As you begin your journey into leadership the best place to start is by imagining being the boss you wish you had. Get out your pen and paper and make three columns: bad boss traits, good boss traits, ideal boss traits and follow the steps below:

Step one: look at the bad bosses that you had the displeasure of working for. What made them bad in your eyes? These are the things you don’t want to do and write them in column one.

Think about this, no one sets a goal to be a bad boss and neither do you. However, use this as a warning that if you adopt these traits or are not aware of them you may end up in the bad boss category. And don’t fall victim to the trap of emulating the behaviors you think are being rewarded. Perhaps they are rewarded at your current employer but you will eventually move on and they may not be tolerated at your next job.

Step two: look at the great bosses you had the pleasure of working for. What made them great? Why to did you respond so well to them or produce so greatly for them? Why did you want to be on their team? These are the things you want to do.

These are the behaviors you want to add to your leadership tool box. These are the behaviors you want to emulate and become known for. These traits should be part of your goal. Write these in column two.

Step three: imagine your ideal perfect boss. What traits and behaviors do you come up with that weren’t the opposite of step one or didn’t exist in step two? Write these in column three.

Your paper should look something like this:

Ideal Boss Brainstorm

Finally hang up your columns and look at them every day until it is burned in your mind. Live and breathe the traits you came up with and always be aware of the bad. You have now started your journey with the intent and awareness needed to be an ideal boss.

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Jason Cortel

Jason Cortel

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Jason CortelStart Here: Imagine Being the Boss You Wish You Had