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When Should a Sales Leader go on a Sales Call

In Sales Leadership by Jason Cortel

Some sales organizations like to have four and six legged sales calls where everyone and their brother/sister meet with a potential client, including you as the sales leader. We once had a client come for a visit; there were two of the visitors and we had 8 of our staff in the meeting, from the CEO down to the sales executive. The client commented on feeling ambushed due to the number of people in the room. Naturally they were being pitched additional services and felt they were being pressured.

Prior to going on a sales call with your sales executive keep in mind the following to determine if your presence is essential:

  • Only you can gain access to certain people
  • Owing your position
  • Your special industry expertise
  • Your extensive product knowledge
  • Your useful connections

If you can’t contribute in one of those ways you should probably sit out of the meeting. There is no doubt that you could always make a difference in the meeting. Keep in mind that as a new sales leader you are now responsible for opening doors, to provide backup and to develop your future top producers. Your job is not to outshine them, you already did that and were rewarded with the sales leadership role you are in now.

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Jason Cortel

Jason Cortel

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Jason CortelWhen Should a Sales Leader go on a Sales Call